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Educational Consultation

At Healthy Minds Consulting we are experts at facilitating collaboration between public service agencies and educational institutions to understand each other’s roles, access services, and effectively communicate the needs of each child to create supportive learning environments.

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Educational Advocacy

With Healthy Minds Consulting advocating for each child’s unique educational needs, parents can focus on being nurturing and loving caregivers. We have the experience to help navigate the complexities of the education system to support families in accessing the resources their child needs to thrive.

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Child Development

The path to confident young learners starts here. Whether you want to give your infant a head start with the Baby Signs® program, have questions about nurturing your child’s self-esteem, or are struggling to determine the best developmental approach to help your youngster succeed, let us help.

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Free Consultation

We invite you to explore our site and then contact us to schedule a free, personalized, and no obligation consultation. To schedule your free consult.

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Expectations influence results, goals need to be appropriately challenging.

Teachers’ Expectations and Students’ Results

We know that expectations matter. In fact, there has been research done to measure the effect expectations have on others, with one of the most famous being completed by Robert Rosenthal more than 50 years ago. Despite the time that has passed, the information learned from this experiment is still extremely relevant.