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At Healthy Minds Consulting we are experts at facilitating collaboration between public service agencies and educational institutions to understand each other’s roles, access services, and effectively communicate the needs of each child to create supportive learning environments.

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With Healthy Minds Consulting advocating for each child’s unique educational needs, parents can focus on being nurturing and loving caregivers. We have the experience to help navigate the complexities of the education system to support families in accessing the resources their child needs to thrive.

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The path to confident young learners starts here. Whether you want to give your infant a head start with the Baby Signs® program, have questions about nurturing your child’s self-esteem, or are struggling to determine the best developmental approach to help your youngster succeed, let us help.

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ID: Main text = PLOP Present Level of Performance, A general overview of the student’s current functioning level in a specific subject area or identified area of need VS BASELINE, Specific information defining the student’s current level of functioning related to the goal and provides sufficient information/data for the goal to be measured effectively Small print = The PLOPs are the necessary starting point to understand the student’s current educational functioning, whereas the Baseline refines this information to construct the foundation of a measurable goal. Picture is a Venn diagram in blues with a small circle indicating Baseline that is located completely inside the outer circle labeled Present Level of Performance; an underlying graphic layer with a multicolored swirl design, the writing is in white with yellow used on the words general overview, related to the goal, to emphasize these terms. Outlying text includes a Title = Understanding the IEP, and a subtitle = More helpful tips from Healthy Minds Consulting; bottom row text includes website, social media handles for Facebook and Twitter @HealthyMindsNow and Instagram @Healthy_Minds_Now, and the copyright symbol 2022 Healthy Minds Consulting, all rights reserved

Baselines vs Present Levels: Is there a Difference?

Individualized Education Programs (IEP) are both the foundation and culmination of team effort to address the needs of a student with a disability. There are many components to an IEP and seemingly as many acronyms. Many terms are used frequently but not necessarily defined meticulously and therefore some inadvertently become misused. Baseline and Present Level of Performance, for example, are often referred to interchangeably. This is understandable, as they are often closely related. There are, however, important distinctions between the two terms; they are not actually synonymous.