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Teachers’ Expectations and Students’ Results

We know that expectations matter. In fact, there has been research done to measure the effect expectations have on others, with one of the most famous being completed by Robert Rosenthal more than 50 years ago. Despite the time that has passed, the information learned from this experiment is still extremely relevant.

A Deaf Child’s Right To Language

One of my favorite professors in college, Shoshannah Stern, is a famous Deaf actress and an incredible teacher (See: Weeds, The Hammer, Jericho). She asked us one day to consider what our reactions would be if we gave birth to a child one day who could only speak French. Well, I can only speak English. […]

Inefficiency is Depleting Special Education Funds

There are so many complaints about how special education costs are depleting our tax dollars and diverting money that might be used elsewhere to support children’s learning. But in the view from the trenches, the expense of special education is not the culprit, inefficient spending is. The more time spent in inefficient ventures, the less […]